Welcome to the HMGS-PSW Website

Welcome to the HMGS-PSW Website

The Las Vegas Open 2022 will be held January 28-30th, 2022 at the Rio in Las Vegas. Make some plans to attend and meet some of the PSW Las Vegas contingent.
Las Vegas Open Wargaming Schedule

2021 Mini-Wars Program
As we gear up for the upcoming events, please download the Mini-Wars 2021 28 page program to use as a reference. It contains some great examples of how to write a game description that can deliver a broadside.
HMGS-PSW Program

We are a society of social tabletop gamers that get together with friends. The Pacific Southwest chapter has been active for decades. For example, here is a link to a Waterloo Napoleonic wargame we hosted in Anaheim 12 years ago at the Muzeo. Not surprisingly, this last year has been a challenge for us. Mini-Wars 2021 on October 9th and 10th at California State University Fullerton was a qualified success. At that event we will announce the winner of our election was announced and Luis Medrano joined the Board of Directors. and the winners of our History Essay Contest.
One of the ways we promote the study of history is rewarding scholarship via this essay contest.

2022 History Essay Contest
It is not to early to start on this year’s essay. The complete rules can be found at this link.
2022 HMGS-PSW Essay Contest Rules

2021 Mini Wars Photo Album

YouTube photo collage of the album. (Note this is the official HMGS-PSW YouTube channel so “like, share and subscribe!”)

Link to video presentation by Dr. Robert Ballard Nat Geo Explorer and Titanic Discoverer.

We have worked for years to bring more Tournament Events to the Pacific Southwest. Anyone who has run one of these before understands they take a lot of manpower, time and energy. The PSW is a large Region, encompassing Arizona, Southern Nevada and Southern California. Our Bolt Action Tournament will be played out at many game stores cross the PSW throughout the Spring and Summer, and will finalize in October with Mini-Wars 2021. For information on the Bolt Action Tournament at Mini-Wars 2021 please download the Program at the link above.
The Rules are located at this Link.
2021 HMGS-PSW Bolt Action Tournament Rules

Our next two conventions are on the calendar. Las Vegas Open 2022 and Desert Wars 2022 in Mesa, AZ. Please consider running a game at our conventions. I will get the Las Vegas Open submission link copied here soon. The event submission form for Mesa, AZ can be found at this Link:

Desert Wars 2022 Submission Form