Team Yankee Somalia

Team Yankee Somalia

Team Yankee Somalia

By: Ron Winkler

With the continued Covid 19 restrictions on gaming opportunities, I decided to try another solo game. This time it would be a modification of Team Yankee to represent a rescue operation in Somalia. For purposes of the game, I selected units and concepts from both Team Yankee and Nam game books. The scenario would be based on Hot LZ with US forces attempting to rescue Western newsmen held captive in a Somalia prison compound.

For the Somalia’s I chose a Local Forces Infantry Company from the Nam book with all having the Born in the North to Die in the South, Guerilla Fighter and Scout characteristics. Their Formation included: Infantry (Warlord) Battalion HQ with 2 AK-47 Teams, One Infantry Company with 5 AK-47, 1 RPG-7 and 1 LMG Teams (deployed as guards in the prison compound), One Infantry Company with 9 AK-47, 2 RPG-7 and 1 LMG Teams, One Infantry Company with 13 AK-47 Teams, 3 RPG-7, and 1 LMG Teams, and 1 Technical (jeep) with HMG. The HQ, last two Infantry Companies and Technical would roll for random arrival once the US forces arrived. Total Points: 51

The rescue force contained two Formations which I drew from the Stripes Book with an add from the Nam Book. First was the Rescue Formation including: USMC Infantry Company with 1 HQ Team, Two Infantry Platoons each with 4 SAW Teams, 2 M-60 Teams and Huey transports supported by 2 OH-6’s. The second Formation was for extraction support in case the rescue Formation was cut off. It contained a USMC Infantry Company: 1 HQ Team, Two Infantry Platoons each with 4 SAW Teams, 2 M-60 Teams and AAVP-7 transports supported by a HMMWV Platoon of 3 vehicles with 50 cal HMG’s. Total Points: 32

Although there was a significant difference in points, I felt the USMC had greater firepower and they could only roll for their support if cut off whereas, the Somalia’s could start rolling for reserves Turn 1. Below is a sample of Somalia unit stands.

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Below are pictures of the battlefield, prison compound with metal cage where captives were kept. Somalia guards start located in the building. If required the USMC Extraction Support Formation will enter on the road at the right of the picture.

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A close up of the prison compound and metal prisoner cage.

Turn 1. The USMC Rescue Formation enter the board and fast rope from Huey’s while OH-6’s and Huey door gunners provide suppressive fire on Somali guards in prison compound building. The Somalia guard unit loses it’s PKM, RPG and one AK-47 team and are pinned. The Somalia guard unit remains pinned in the building but are able to kill two USMC SAW teams with return fire. Unfortunately, the Somalia’s fail to receive any reserves.

Picture of USMC Rescue Formation arriving and fast roping from Huey’s.

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Turn 2: USMC teams move and fire then assault remaining Somalia guards killing two additional AK-47 teams. During the assault phase the Somalia defensive fire fails to stop the Marines and they also fail to counterattack and are forced out of the building. Now down to two infantry teams the Somalia’s fail their unit morale test and also fail the Born in the North to Die in the South die roll. To make matters worse the Somalia’s fail to receive reserves.

Marine units assault Somalia guards pinned in Guard Building.

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Turn 3. The Marines consolidate their position, free the captives and prepare to evacuate. Unfortunately, two Somalia reserve units arrive and random deployment places one of the Somalia in position to cut off the evacuation route.

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Above picture is the Somalia unit that is in position to cut the USMC Rescue Formation’s evacuation route. Another large unit with Somalia HQ arrives at the same time on the other side of the prison compound sandwiching the Marines.

Turn 4: The Marines call for Extraction Support Formation assistance. One unit arrives with an infantry platoon and 2 AAVP-7’s. The dismounted Marine infantry platoon moves to flank the Somalia unit threatening the escape route and with the AAVP-7’s and OH-6’s engage in a fire fight which pins the Somalia’s killing 1 RPG, 1 PKM and 3 AK-47 teams. Meanwhile, a Marine platoon in the compound fire on the large Somalia unit approaching from the other side and killing 1 RPG, 1 PKM and 4 AK-47 teams. In response the Somalia’s receive the last of their reserves. Their random roll places the Technical behind the newly arrived Marine Support unit. It fires on the Marines but fails to inflict any damage. The Somalia unit near the escape road fails to unpin while the large Somalia unit advances to assault the Marines while firing and killing one Marine SAW team. Unfortunately, their assault move brings them within 8” of the OH-6’s. Defensive fire decimates the Somalia attack killing all but two stands. The Somalia unit fails their morale test but passes the test to return as a new unit from reserves.

Below is the Largest Somalia unit that is advancing to assault the Marines.

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Turn 5: All Marine reserves arrive on the table. The Marine HMMWV unit destroys the Somalia Technical. The pinned Somalia unit that had threatened the execute route unpins but is not able to close the execute route. The large Somalia returns from reserves. The random die roll places them near their original position. They advance and fire at a Marine unit in the compound killing one stand and pinning the unit. Their RPG teams fire on two AAVP-7’s destroying both with side shots. However, the Somalia unit is not in position to assault.

Below the Somalia large unit returns and their RPG teams destroy 2 AAVP-7’s

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Turn 6: The remaining AAVP-7’s and OH-6’s fire on the large Somalia unit killing 2 RPG and 2 AK-47 teams pinning the unit. Marines in the compound and the released captives make a cross country dash to exit the table. The large Somalia unit fails to unpin ensuring successful exit of the Marines.


In summary, I think the experimental mix of units from Team Yankee and Nam work well as a trial game, especially as an infantry engagement. As I pointed out in the introduction, although the point values were not equal the Marines firepower certainly was dominant. Also, using a fast rope rule allowing the Huey’s to enter and drop troops without landing worked well. I should note that once landed I kept the troop stands clustered around the helio base a not move but fire at moving rate. Finally, if the Somalia reserves started arriving on the first turn it could have changed the game results..


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