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Latest News

HMGS-PSW Published in The Slingshot

12/13/2020 Here’s a battle report from the most recent edition of the Society of Ancients’ Slingshot magazine. It is Telamon, 2019’s Society of Ancients battle of the year, featuring Harry Dudrow and his ancient miniatures. Andrew Gledhill.

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Painting Competition Winners

11/2020 Judging a painting competition from photographs is severely limited. The best miniature is often the one with the best photographs. In 2021 at Mini-Wars our competition will be judged under the same lighting conditions at the convention. We want to congratulate the winners of our 2020 competition listed below. Click on the image to enlarge it. Harmon Ward.

First Place Captain Keennon (HMGS-PSW Member)
Glen Davis, CA

First Place Captain Keennon (HMGS-PSW Non-Member)
Nolan St. John, Las Vegas, NV

General George Washington
First Place Historical Individual
Andy Mouradian, Torrance, CA

M-10 Tank Destroyer
First Place Historical Vehicle
Andy Mouradian, Torrance, CA

Martian Skyboat Cruiser
First Place Science Fiction
Jed Docherty, Venice, CA

First New York Regiment 1776
First Place Historical Unit
Andy Mouradian, Torrance, CA

Andrew Gledhill Published in Wargames Illustrated

10/2020 The October 2020 Wargames Illustrated featured a write-up and front page photo of his latest army.

Follow this link to read a copy of the article. Andrew Gledhill.
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