As previously stated, our group is a nonprofit organization. Therefore, we are required to have a board of directors and officers. We also have Bylaws, with which members are expected to uphold. Officers and board members are elected every 2 years and can be re-elected twice, before stepping down. They are allowed to re-run after a few years off. Elections are held biannually around August of each year. Convention coordinators are chosen by the board of directors.

Dramatis Personae

At present there are three club officers:

PRESIDENT — Christian Sorensen.

The President is the leader, the organizer, and the “herder of cats.” The President identifies the tasks that need to be accomplished, marshals the troops and logistical support, and keeps watch to make sure the hill is taken.

TREASURER —  William Stilwell.

The Treasurer’s duties include keeping track of the group’s finances in all aspects and issuing the group’s financial reports. A tedious and thankless, yet essential, job.

SECRETARY –  Harmon Ward       

The Secretary’s duties include keeping the minutes of all meetings, keeping the membership roll accurate and up to date, sending out notifications of all meetings, elections, and votes to be taken, and holding the group’s records.

MEMBER, BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Jason Coffey, Richard Aldrete, Matt Denny, Frank Patterson, John Harrel, Paul Barker.

            The members of the board are responsible for many different functions. The are usually long-standing members, who help in varied technical situations.

Convention Coordinators: Harmon Ward, Javier Gardea

            Tasked with arranging and organizing events can be difficult. Duties here include but are not limited to: locating sites for major events, arranging advertising, vendors, programs and the convention website.

This is obviously too much work for one person, so we have a committee to help with all of that. The current committee members are: Jacob Shober, Mark Deliduka, Frank Patterson, Richard Aldrete, Ethan Reiff, Jason Coffey and Javier Gardea.

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee is tasked with keeping the Membership Roll of the Corporation up to date: Paul Say, Harmon Ward

Our Bylaws
The effective date of these bylaws is 20 October 2012 or as amended. A copy can be found at this link.
During the 2021 Elections, the following amendments were submitted to the members for their approval. The Secured .PDF is at the link.

The HMGS-PSW Meeting Minutes
The Societies Meeting Minutes are store on the Meeting Minutes Page. The Secured .PDF documents are at this link.

The HMGS-PSW Email Group
We maintain a Groups.IO email group to help everyone get to know each a little better. This contains a very informative snapshot of what we have discussed over the years from 2003. You can join at this link.

The HMGS-PSW Discord Server
Discord is used by many game stores and game groups to communicate with their customers and players. Our Discord Server can be found at this link.

The HMGS-PSW Facebook Members Group
Facebook is also used by many teams to keep track of what is going on in the hobby. Or Facebook Members Group can be found at this link.

HMGS-PSW Informational Flyer
This flyer contains a great distillation of important information about our Society. Feel free to download and distribute it. link.

Contact the HMGS-PSW
Feel free to send us an email with any questions.