About Us

About Us

Dramatis Personae

At present there are three club officers:

CEO —Dana Hohn. CEO is the leader, the organizer, and the “herder of cats.” The CEO identifies the tasks that need to be accomplished, marshals the troops and logistical support, and keeps watch to make sure the hill is taken.

TREASURER —  Ann Marie Zaphiriou. The Treasurer’s duties include keeping track of the group’s finances in all aspects and issuing the group’s financial reports. A tedious and thankless, yet essential, job.

SECRETARY –  Harmon Ward. The Secretary’s duties include keeping the minutes of all meetings, keeping the membership roll accurate and up to date, sending out notifications of all meetings, elections, and votes to be taken, and holding the group’s records.

The club officers may also sit on the Board of Directors.  There are currently five members of the Board of Directors.

MEMBER, BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Harry Dudrow, Christian Sorensen, Jacob Shober, Mike Gunsen, Theron Rhor
There are and will be additional posts to be filled on an “ad hoc, as needed” basis, such as Convention Manager (a post held at the moment, but not in perpetuity, by Harmon Ward) and committees for various tasks. Members will be cajoled and dragooned when necessary for these, but hopefully you, the members, will forestall the press gangs by volunteering to help out in whatever way you can. We need and appreciate any help you can give!

Our Bylaws
The effective date of these bylaws is 20 October 2012 or as amended. A copy can be found at this link.

The HMGS-PSW Email Group
We maintain a Groups.IO email group to help everyone get to know each a little better. You can join at this link.